"Final Encore" is the title for art installation projects which is curated by Sogol Kashani & Joubeen Mireskandari. In Final Encore II a Paykan has given a chance to recollect its memories. Paykan (Arrow in Farsi) which was originally a British car that was produced in Iran for nearly 40 years and became Iran's national car and the primary means of transportation for at least four generations of Iranians. This time the couple are collaborating with Shahin Armin. For more information and images please check https://www.facebook.com/finalencoretehran

1979 – Born in London, England
Lives and Works in Tehran, Iran



1996 – Finished Art School at Tehran, Iran
1999 – Graduated in Graphics From JAHAD University of Fine Arts



2014 – “Flatland” Collaborating Photo Exhibition With Namdar Shirazian at MOHSEN Art Gallery
2014 – “Blackened” Solo Photography Exhibition at DASTAN’S BASEMENT Art Gallery
2013 – “Tehran I Love You” Group Photo Exhibition at SABZ Art Gallery

2013 – “Art For Peace” Group Exhibition at Mohsen Art Gallery
2013 – “Final Encore 2″ Curating for Group Installation at DASTAN’S BASEMENT Art Gallery
2012 – “Final Encore” Curating for Group Installation at AZAD Art Gallery
2004-2010 – Participated in Several International Poster exhibitions and biennials