Joubeen Mireskandari alongside Sogol Kashani (visual artist) established a curatorial platform in 2010 called “Sogol & Joubeen Studio”. They work together as a collaborative art duo which is dedicated to different forms and aesthetics of artistic projects alongside their individual activities.

“SOGOL & JOUBEEN” do believe contemporary Iran is undergoing a lot of changes. Uncertainty in social, economical and cultural fronts has created alterations, none of which are relevant to the past. Consequently a lack of identity is innate in these transformations. A thirst for modernity mixed with imported ideas not loyal to and/or less conscious of our past beliefs, is going to build a future far from our imagined utopia. Their focus is on the analysis of every small or big thing which remains underrated, undercover or ignored in order to explore how they relate to todays confused social context.    

An installation group show was curated by them titled “Final Encore 1” which was about honoring a house that it was going to be demolished very soon after. This show was held in the house itself by the support of Azad gallery (Tehran-Iran) 2012.

2013 saw the artist couple to curate another follow up for “Final Encore Projects”. This time “Final Encore 2” another installation group show with keeping the main core artists was held at Dastan gallery (Tehran-Iran) 2013 to honor Iranian national car “Peykan” which was going to close the factory line after more than 40 years of service.

In 2015 they were invited to participate in an urban & site specific installation show curated by Noir Art Group.

in 2016 they curated a photo exhibition called “The Animal Within” at No.6 gallery (Tehran-Iran). This show was the result of a collaboration with Hafez Rohani.

“SOGOL & JOUBEEN” have directed a music documentary film “Eight to Ten-Thirty” in 2017 follows the story of a man who has dedicated his house to young musicians to play and perform in Tehran. 

2019 saw “SOGOL & JOUBEEN” curate a documentation project titled “A House/Second Cut”. A six months run exhibition in six chapters and a pilot displayed different aspects of the house and the life in it at Platform28 (Tehran-Iran). This show presented a unique selection of documents from a house which was built in Tehran 1958 and demolished 2013.